Meet Melody

Melody Chandler has a true passion for helping women change their lives! After having 2 (of her 4) children, she had over 75 pounds to lose. At the time, as a stay at home mom, she could not afford to hire a personal trainer at their rates of 50+ per hour,  and was discouraged at the lack of results she was having on her own. After a diagnosis of Hypo-thyrodism, things seemed to get worse. She decided she was going to learn how to lose the weight on her own, and began studying to become a certified personal trainer.

Once she was certified, she wanted to help other women, and began working at a womens-only gym in McKinney, Tx. Seeing others that were in the same position she was once in, not being able to afford to pay the rates of a trainer, she wanted to find a way to bridge that gap. She knew there had to be a way to make access to a female personal trainer more affordable and accessible to all women! That’s how Fit Chicks started, in July of 2009.

Melody is very hands on in the business and truly loves helping chicks and trainers be successful. She loves being a mom to her 4 kids and also enjoys reading, running and the occasional cheeseburger.

We have had the opportunity to help thousands of women across the state of Texas lose weight, gain energy and enjoy ALL the benefits of living a FIT life! Our trainers are all nationally certified female trainers who have a sincere passion for helping other women. Our trainers will check in on you if you miss class, lead you in calorie burning FUN workouts that are never the same, and they create an incredibly supportive and non-threatening environment. Whether you are currently working out – or haven’t in decades, everyone is working at their own pace and will leave class feeling strong and empowered. Probably a little sore too 🙂

We would love the opportunity to help you reach your fitness goals!