Fit Chick Reviews




I cannot even begin to explain what Texas Fit Chicks has done for me!!!! I’ve never been so healthy & happy in my life. I owe all of my thanks to my Kyle TX Fit Chicks trainer, Terah, & to all of the other wonderful ladies in class & their constant support & motivation!


Best fitness group to be a part of — HANDS DOWN!

Julia T.

Never give up on yourself, there’s always time to make a positive change in your life! I loathed exercising & now I can’t stand to miss a bootcamp during the week!

I love everyone at Kyle TFC & love the feeling that being in this group of women gives you!” – Julia T.

Kari B.

“Love my TFC boot camp in Northwest San Antonio. Annalisa Martinez is a great leader, motivator and person. We have a wonderful group of ladies, and she always encourages newbies and us oldies. I have been with her for over 2 years, and she is my 4th bootcamp trainer. I have lucked out with 3 out of 4 awesome trainers in various bootcamps…so i know a good trainer when i have one. There is never any judgement of anyone..whether you start as semi-fit person, or a never ever worked out person, this is sooo the way to go!” – Kari B.

Katie M.

“Joining Texas Fit Chicks is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. Not only do you get an amazing workout each and every time, you build relationships with an incredible group on women” – Katie M.

Kim M.

“I am so glad I found Texas fit chicks. Such a supportive group of women. They have become like family. Workout always new and different you will never get bored. I walk away from each class knowing I got a good workout and few laughs as well. Fit chicks has so much to offer. From meal plans to weight check-ins. One on one help regardless of your fitness ability. Great for beginners and just as awesome for fitness fanatic. Highly recommended you check them out!” – Kim M.

Vicki S.

“Love my TFC book at Unicorn Lake Denton Texas. We have an Awesome Trainer and a Great group of ladies that support each other. It will be 2 years February 2018 that I joined TFC.” – Vicki S.

Jennifer C.

“Simply the best. I found Texas Fit Chicks online with a Groupon and was a little skeptical from may last horrifying boot camp experience. I knew I needed to get up and moving so I tried it out. I was pleased with the many locations and I ended up utilizing the location in Arlington with Tanya. TANYA was an amazing goddess, she pushed me, encouraged me and didn’t make me feel like giving up. I was even encouraged to do 5am class and i was hooked. I ended up leaving TFC when my job relocated me to Atlanta. Please open up a Georgia Fit Chicks.” – Jennifer C.

Amber R.

Ladies only and no negative attitudes all positive and fun! Camp was very hard in the beginning but after about 3-4 weeks I was able to keep up much better. Not saying I can keep up now but it does get easier. I have made some really great friends and after just one hour you will be hooked too. Melinda in Cinco Ranch Katy TX is the best! Really takes each of her chicks to the next level of overall health and fitness. I love how every girl has a different reason to be at camp, wedding, fitness, vacation coming up, or class reunion, we all just have a really good time and go for it! – Amber R.

Jennifer E.

“I have been with TFC for probably 2 years. I do not have one complaint! I decided to do the 5 a.m. class because I’m so bad about working out in the evening. It’s hard to get up that early in the morning but my trainer and all the other girls in my class make it worth getting up that early! We’re like a big family. We motivate each other and were there for each other when needed! It’s so much better than joining a gym! I have lost several inches and pounds. I’m so excited to be able to tuck a shirt in! If you’re not too sure, just give it a try! You will not be disappointed!” – Jennifer E.

Vicki M.

“Texas fit chicks is exactly what I needed, I don’t like gyms and it’s a women who are exactly like me. We get to be outside and the trainers are super nice” – Vicki M.

Amanda V.

“Texas Fit Chicks is an amazing company. Such a great way for women to inspire each other to reach their fitness goals!” – Amanda V.

Mitzi S.

“I have attended this camp with Melinda in Katy for five years. She is the best trainer I have ever had. She truly cares about her “chicks” and personally invests in our success.” – Mitzi S.

Samantha T.

“Absolutely love this class and my trainer Shannon! She is simply the best. I attend the 5 am class and love it. I am not a morning person at all but once I got used to the early mornings I love it! I’ve been attending the class for a year now and totally see myself continuing for many more. I love the energy of my trainer and the motivation she gives us all. There is a modification for every type of exercise if you think you just can’t do something or are just physically unable to at the time. I would recommend the class to anyone and love the friendships that I am making along the way!” – Samantha T.

Allison C.

“If you are looking for a way to get fit and have the motivation to go with it, Texas Fit Chicks is the way to go. My trainer has boundless positive energy that she shares with all of the chicks at all times-even on days when there’s no camp scheduled. This is truly a judgement free zone and the chicks you work out with quickly become your friends, or better yet, a second family. I’ve never been disappointed with my decision to join Texas Fit Chicks.” – Allison C.

Lisa L.

“The boot camp works your body out from head to toe! And results are definitely seen from having more energy in your day to body changes. Highly recommend!” – Lisa L.

Ariann F.

“What a great Bootcamp! The sisterhood is amazing! Workouts are great! This is a must! Get started today!” – Ariann F.

Tony S.

“I LOVE TFC! I have been with tfc for over 2 yrs. now and it has done tremendous things to my mind and body! Kerry is my trainer and I honestly couldn’t ask for A Better trainer! She keeps me motivated and responsible at all times! Joining tfc has been the best thing that has ever happened to me!” – Tony S.


“Workouts are great! They are never the same so it’s exciting to know what the next workout will be, they are effective, you stay feeling good about yourself and motivated to continue, I would recommend it to everyone that’s in need of a life change!!” – J.F.

Janay S.

“I like that it gets my day started off on the right note and that we motivate each other!” – Janay S.

Laura Q.

I can honestly say I made the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I joined with the intentions of losing weight but I feel that I have gained much more. Not only have I been able to shed pounds but the workouts have helped me with my strength and made me feel healthier overall. The bonus part of it are the girls I work out with. They don’t tear you down but rather lift you up and encourage you even on your bad days. I have gained a nice little fit family and an awesome trainer. My trainer always has a great attitude and goes above and beyond to help us reach our goals. I love her spunky & positive attitude. I would definitely recommend joining TX Fit Chicks…” – Laura Q.

Teresa S.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love the ladies in my group and my trainer is always texting us to check on us.” – Teresa S.

Gina R.

“I LOVE Texas Fit Chicks! I have been w/ the same trainer/group for 4 years in Anna TX. and it has been well worth my time and money. This program is for all fitness levels. Modifications are shown if you are building up your stamina or nursing an injury. Wonderful group of women that provide encouragement and support. Highly recommend! – Gina R.

Becky M.

“Best work out a woman can get! Definitely worth the money to spend on yourself monthly to get fit! Can’t beat the price, workouts, and variety of times available” – Becky M.

Gail S.

“Almost two years and I still like to get up for a 6am workout. Great group of women and great trainer. Wendy makes the workout fun. She is very knowledgeable and watches what is going on. Music gets you going. Such a great group. Get up, work out, done!” – Gail S.

Lisa G.

“I attended Fit chicks in San Marcos for about a year and a half and would still be with them if I hadn’t moved out of state. Great total body workout that is always different so you don’t get bored. Our trainer worked with us if we had to modify and always motivated us to keep pushing through when we wanted to quit. It’s an amazing program that doesn’t cost a fortune. No matter what your fitness level is, Texas Fit Chicks is a great program! – Lisa G.

Gina F.

“I can’t say enough about TX Fit Chicks. I started around 10 months ago and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Our trainer is amazing, the workouts are amazing, the friendship between other “chicks” is amazing and I can honestly tell you that when my alarm goes off at 4:30am to get up and get ready to go…..I actually want to. Join now, I promise you won’t regret it!” – Gina F.

Karen C.

“This is the best workout program I have ever done! It is well rounded in exercise and nutrition guidance. At the age of 50 I am in better shape than I was in my 20’s. It is also a good support system for women to belong too. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to gain strength, better health, and of course look better” – Karen C.

Tabitha L.

“Texas Fit Chicks has been a great place for me to get into a regular workout routine when nothing else seemed to stick. I have been a Fit Chick for a consistent year now (and was also a 6 mo. prior chick.) in Anna with Trina. She is a great motivator and I love working out with the other ladies in our group. The workouts are always different and keep us challenged! I have never felt out of place although I had to make a lot of modifications to the workouts when I first started. I never was left to feel bad about getting behind or having to make adjustments. I was always pushed to feel good about what I have accomplished and motivated to do better for me only. Love this company and proud to be a part of it!” – Tabitha L.


“My TFC experience started with a text from a friend that basically said “I found a Groupon for a fitness boot camp. I’m doing it. Want to join me?” The Groupon was for 4 weeks. After giving all the normal excuses I seemed to have, I decided I could do anything for 4 weeks. I started March 2015.


To be honest, when I walked in the doors on the first day, I wasn’t expecting much. Who is leading this boot camp? What does she know about me and how I can reach my goals? Is she even qualified? By the end of the very first workout, I had answers to all of those questions. Sandy is exactly who and what I needed! She asked what my goals were and devised a plan on how to reach them. It didn’t just include showing up to her workouts either. She instructed me on all the ins and outs of proper nutrition, encouraged me to push myself during workouts (like using heavier weights), showed me how to recover from hard workouts, and has never stopped supporting me. It is amazing that she can have so many others to help, but makes me feel like I am the only one. I am not using a cookie-cutter plan designed for all. My fitness path has been custom tailored for me, and all my fellow chicks can say the same. Just for the record, Sandy has four certifications and is working on #5. I think it’s safe to say that she knows what she’s talking about.

Jamie S.

So, flash forward to August 2016. Yes, I am still a Texas Fit Chick with no plans to stop. I have reached my original goals, but have established new ones. I can’t imagine having anyone other than Sandy pushing me on this journey to become the best version of me. I can’t wait to see what the futures holds!” – Jamie S.

Danny M.

“I LOVE Fit Chicks! I have been working out with Tawana for over a year and will continue as long as they are around. The workouts are hard but you get results. She is great with modifications if you need them and she is very fun and encouraging.
I have come a long way in the past year and half. It’s the best workout program I have ever done. I highly recommend Fit Chicks.” – Danny M.


“I enjoyed TFC. Tawana is a great coach. Her enthusiasm and good spirit makes you want to work harder. They are really good at giving you alternative exercises when needed. If you are looking for a fitness program that has your success as their priority, TFC is the program to go with.” – M.S.

Debra C.

“I love this boot camp. It has made such a difference in my life. I have met many new and amazing women and we all boost each other and inspire to keep each other going. I just celebrated my 2nd year and plan on continuing as long as I can.” – Debra C.

Jessica M.

“Texas Fit Chicks is an uplifting, encouraging, yet challenging workout for women of all ages, stages and sizes. I love the workouts, they never get boring and there is always something new you’ve never done before. The trainers make modifications as needed and are always watching to correct your form and prevent injury. The sweat just rolls as much as the laughter and smiles at every workout.” – Jessica M.

Abby A.

“I’ve been a Texas Fit Chick for almost a year now. I love my trainer’s energy, the constant variations of well-planned exercises, and most of all the fun and laughter with the group. I feel like I am in the best shape of my life – I feel stronger and my clothes fit better. Sarah goes out of her way to help each member and genuinely want us to get the most out of our workout. I would totally recommend you to join – at any fitness level. No regrets here!” – Abby A.

Robin O.

“I am so thankful for Texas Fit Chicks and my trainer Shelly Sanchez. I’ve been with Fit Chicks in Flower Mound for about ten months and I just love it! I never thought I’d be THAT person who looks forward to going to a workout, but I have made it part of my routine and try to never miss. Even my friends and family know that on Mon/Wed/Fri, I am not available until after class. I have a phobia to gyms, so when I found TFC, I had to give it a try. I was immediately hooked. What’s not to like? Doing ever changing workouts outside, building relationships, and getting stronger every day. Shelly is an amazing trainer being so positive and constantly encouraging us. (She even brings a cooler with ice cold towels.) Texas Fit Chicks Is life changing!!” – Robin O.

Whitney E.

“I absolutely LOVE Fit chicks. Great workouts provided by caring, loving, intentional women who strives to empower YOU to be healthy and fit! All the trainers I have met are so great and have such a passion to help women become the best they can be!” – Whitney E.

Cassandra T.

“I am not a person who loved working out. But Sam my trainer has made a convert out of me, and notices all the little improvements I make even when I don’t.
The classes change each day, and I look forward to each one!” – Cassandra T.

Ann S.

“I’ve been with Fit chicks for a year now and it’s worth my time, sweat and money. My first workout I was out of breath and couldn’t finish. My trainer helped me through with modifications and told me to go at my own pace. When we were through I literally told our trainer I wouldn’t be back and that this was just too much for me. She reassured me I did good and that I just need to go at my own pace and that I could do it. I said nope and thanks. I realized on the drive home that I was giving up on something because I was out of my comfort zone. My trainer texted me later to see how I was. I apologized for giving up so soon and said I’ll be back.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up. With TFC you not only get a great workout with trainers who love what they do and are motivational, but the atmosphere in which you work out is like nowhere else. You have ladies at different walks of life, different fitness levels, different reasons why they take the class, yet we are all in this together and supporting and cheering one another on.

Since taking this I’ve gained strength and confidence to challenge myself physically. I’ve done numerous 5K’s, a sprint triathlon and a Gritty Goddess obstacle course. I really wouldn’t have dared to do these things before. They say the workouts don’t get any easier you just get stronger, of this I’m convinced and I’m hooked!” – Ann S.

Lindsay F.

“My experience with Texas Fit Chicks could not have been better. The trainer Jess was amazing! I was not a fan of working out, but she created a welcoming and friendly environment that made the workouts enjoyable, even at 5 A.M! I highly recommend this program!” – Lindsay F.

Cathy O.

“My group has been supportive but even more so my instructors, because I have had two awesome real down to earth women who have encouraged me through a (non related workout) knee surgery and recovery and another (non related workout knee injury) time extensive modification to keep coming and keep moving! I may not do what everyone else is doing or like everyone else, but I am getting stronger and healthier and becoming a better me! If not for Texas Fit Chicks I would still be sitting on the couch wishing I was doing something!” – Cathy O.

Amiee R.

“Life changing, not just for your physical health but changes for your entire self as a person. Life long bonds are built all with the same goal of achieving a healthy balance within life. “You are me, I am you, we are just packaged differently”” – Amiee R.

Linda M.

“I’ve really enjoyed my experience with Texas fit Chicks and my trainer. She makes our camps fun and enjoyable; she is very knowledgeable in nutrition and exercise and provides golden nuggets of information that is always helpful. She has created a family out of the ladies that are in our class. We care about one another’s success and we hold one another accountable!” – Linda M.

Rhonda E.

“I am so grateful to be a part of a group of fun, hard-working gals who are simply trying to better their health and well-being. The workouts are geared for women of all fitness levels. They’re ever-changing, never boring, and always challenging! Becky is a supportive and knowledgeable trainer. Joining the Fit Chicks program has been one of my best decisions to date!” – Rhonda E.

Jana P.

“Love the group of ladies I have met and work out with three days a week! Katie is so motivating and truly cares about all of us! The workouts are a great variety of cardio and weight training.” – Jana P.

Rhonda R.

“I have been going for six years. It’s always different and challenging.” – Rhonda R.

Tracy H.

“Challenging but so worth it. The trainer is encouraging and helps you improve. Workouts are always different so I’m never bored. Love it!!” – Tracy H.

Shannon M.

“I love Texas fit chicks Celina. Certainly not easy and I am one that likes to push myself to the max. Everyday I leave knowing I challenged myself. Meridith, our trainer Celina is awesome. She is very encouraging, and knowledgeable. It really is a no brainer- an amazing trainer, workout, and group of just ladies for a fantastic price.” – Shannon M.

Jaclyn S.

“LOVE IT!!!! I have been working out with Meredith in Celina at 5am for almost 3 months now and it has been great! For someone who went from not being very active at all to doing the boot camp 3 days a week it was a challenge, but Meredith makes sure to also show modifications to every move. It is a positive atmosphere where women come together to gain strength and a friendship. This program gave me the push I needed to be my best version of me. It is worth every penny spent and every sore muscle. I feel great, and strong with 15 inches down in 10 weeks. Highly recommend Texas Fit Chicks! – Jaclyn S.

Leann F.

“I have been with Texas Fit Chicks for about 4 weeks now. I have to say I love it. I was so apprehensive to sign up for a class on my own and knowing how out of shape I was. It was extremely intimidating. After my first class that all went away. My trainer offered great motivation and modifications for people like me who are just starting out to better themselves. And the women there are amazing and completely supportive. One of the best decisions I have made for myself. DEFINITELY recommend! – Leann F.

Tracy A.

“I absolutely LOVE being part of Texas Fit Chicks. It truly has been one of the best things I have done for myself. Every trainer I have met is great, they encourage you and some have even got down next to me and worked out with me when I am struggling. Every single exercise has a modification so those of us who struggle can still do everything and not feel out of place. All the women in the classes and the trainers go out of their way to point out your achievements. You start out because you want to lose weight but what you end up doing is losing weight, getting strong, getting fit and building relationships. Your whole life will change!” – Tracy A.

Jill W.

“Love how my camp, trainer and this company has changed my life! I used to hate working out and started & quit many programs. That has all changed. I look forward to my class time and make it a priority in my schedule- and I’ve been doing it for almost 3 years. I feel better, look better in my clothes and have more energy for my kiddo.” – Jill W.

Marcia N.

“I’m not a big ‘all women only’ type of person, really doesn’t bother me to have girls or guys or both. It’s more about fitting in with the workout routine and enjoying it. That said this group is awesome. I’m pretty sure if there was a ‘guys only’ group like this it wouldn’t be this fun! We work hard, mind you – we put in sweat equity every class. It’s a great opportunity for ladies who want to look and feel good to get together and get in some calorie burning! I specifically work with Trina in Anna, but have encourage friends across TX and OK to give this group a try.” – Marcia N.