We believe that all women should have affordable access to personal trainers! Meeting with a trainer 3 times a week at a traditional gym would cost hundreds, and after just a few months, thousands. Our program is extremely affordable, and we offer 4 different options, depending on what your personal fitness goals are. We also provide online fitness and nutrition programs.

Our Boot Camps meet three times per week.  But Chicks on our 12-month, 6-month or 1-month plans have the ability to attend up to 8 classes per month outside their “home camp.”  They receive an “extra class” card that they have their regular trainer sign and date, then they can contact any trainer to let her know they want to pop-in on one of her classes. They simply present the card, have the trainer initial it, and then workout!  Chicks can get a new “extra class” card each month that they are a member of one of our camps.

Package Price
12 month Fit for Less $99 per month, drafted monthly – 12 month commitment
6 month ‘Commit to be Fit’ Package $119 per month, drafted monthly – 6 month commitment
3 month ‘Fit for Less’ Package $139 per month, drafted monthly – 3 month commitment
1 month ‘No Excuses’ Package $159
‘Drop-In’ for One Class $15/class

All packages include a 30 Day nutritionist created Meal Plan with Printable Grocery Lists and family-friendly recipes!

Q:  On which days will classes be closed?
Classes may not meet on or around holidays or spring break, and these particular sessions will not be made up. This amounts to 12 days throughout the calendar year that classes don’t meet, without a makeup.  Please note – the specific days will be determined by the trainer and will add up to no more than 12 days.
Q:  What about other days when my trainer is not able to teach?
When Trainers take vacation or personal time off (other than on the 12 days referenced above) they will communicate with you about those days and either have another Fit Chicks Trainer sub for them, or arrange to make the days up for you. 
Q:  What if a person on the “No Excuses Boot Camp” product has their session include holidays?
If a “No Excuses,” or one-month, Chick has her camp include either Christmas or Spring Break, exceptions will be made and the Chick will be allow to make those classes up by adding extra days onto her session. We do not want a Chick to miss a full week of training if she has only purchased one month.

Refer a Friend!
TFC offers a $25 credit towards your next month for each friend you refer! There is not limit to the number of credits you may earn!  Your friend must enter your TFC ID upon sign-up (there is no way to go back and provide credit to you if she fails to enter your ID when she signs up) and only applies towards your next payment for a regularly priced camp session.  Credit will not apply toward the purchase of a Groupon sign-up.  If you refer a friend to purchase a Groupon session and she later enters your ID, after her Groupon session has ended and she is signing up for a regular TFC camp session, you will receive the $25 credit towards your next payment for a TFC camp session!  No cash value.  Non-transferrable.