Marcia N.

“I’m not a big ‘all women only’ type of person, really doesn’t bother me to have girls or guys or both. It’s more about fitting in with the workout routine and enjoying it. That said this group is awesome. I’m pretty sure if there was a ‘guys only’ group like this it wouldn’t be this fun! We work hard, mind you – we put in sweat equity every class. It’s a great opportunity for ladies who want to look and feel good to get together and get in some calorie burning! I specifically work with Trina in Anna, but have encourage friends across TX and OK to give this group a try.” – Marcia N.

Jill W.

“Love how my camp, trainer and this company has changed my life! I used to hate working out and started & quit many programs. That has all changed. I look forward to my class time and make it a priority in my schedule- and I’ve been doing it for almost 3 years. I feel better, look better in my clothes and have more energy for my kiddo.” – Jill W.

Tracy A.

“I absolutely LOVE being part of Texas Fit Chicks. It truly has been one of the best things I have done for myself. Every trainer I have met is great, they encourage you and some have even got down next to me and worked out with me when I am struggling. Every single exercise has a modification so those of us who struggle can still do everything and not feel out of place. All the women in the classes and the trainers go out of their way to point out your achievements. You start out because you want to lose weight but what you end up doing is losing weight, getting strong, getting fit and building relationships. Your whole life will change!” – Tracy A.

Leann F.

“I have been with Texas Fit Chicks for about 4 weeks now. I have to say I love it. I was so apprehensive to sign up for a class on my own and knowing how out of shape I was. It was extremely intimidating. After my first class that all went away. My trainer offered great motivation and modifications for people like me who are just starting out to better themselves. And the women there are amazing and completely supportive. One of the best decisions I have made for myself. DEFINITELY recommend! – Leann F.

Jaclyn S.

“LOVE IT!!!! I have been working out with Meredith in Celina at 5am for almost 3 months now and it has been great! For someone who went from not being very active at all to doing the boot camp 3 days a week it was a challenge, but Meredith makes sure to also show modifications to every move. It is a positive atmosphere where women come together to gain strength and a friendship. This program gave me the push I needed to be my best version of me. It is worth every penny spent and every sore muscle. I feel great, and strong with 15 inches down in 10 weeks. Highly recommend Texas Fit Chicks! – Jaclyn S.

Shannon M.

“I love Texas fit chicks Celina. Certainly not easy and I am one that likes to push myself to the max. Everyday I leave knowing I challenged myself. Meridith, our trainer Celina is awesome. She is very encouraging, and knowledgeable. It really is a no brainer- an amazing trainer, workout, and group of just ladies for a fantastic price.” – Shannon M.

Tracy H.

“Challenging but so worth it. The trainer is encouraging and helps you improve. Workouts are always different so I’m never bored. Love it!!” – Tracy H.

Rhonda R.

“I have been going for six years. It’s always different and challenging.” – Rhonda R.

Jana P.

“Love the group of ladies I have met and work out with three days a week! Katie is so motivating and truly cares about all of us! The workouts are a great variety of cardio and weight training.” – Jana P.

Rhonda E.

“I am so grateful to be a part of a group of fun, hard-working gals who are simply trying to better their health and well-being. The workouts are geared for women of all fitness levels. They’re ever-changing, never boring, and always challenging! Becky is a supportive and knowledgeable trainer. Joining the Fit Chicks program has been one of my best decisions to date!” – Rhonda E.