Ann S.

“I’ve been with Fit chicks for a year now and it’s worth my time, sweat and money. My first workout I was out of breath and couldn’t finish. My trainer helped me through with modifications and told me to go at my own pace. When we were through I literally told our trainer I wouldn’t be back and that this was just too much for me. She reassured me I did good and that I just need to go at my own pace and that I could do it. I said nope and thanks. I realized on the drive home that I was giving up on something because I was out of my comfort zone. My trainer texted me later to see how I was. I apologized for giving up so soon and said I’ll be back.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up. With TFC you not only get a great workout with trainers who love what they do and are motivational, but the atmosphere in which you work out is like nowhere else. You have ladies at different walks of life, different fitness levels, different reasons why they take the class, yet we are all in this together and supporting and cheering one another on.

Since taking this I’ve gained strength and confidence to challenge myself physically. I’ve done numerous 5K’s, a sprint triathlon and a Gritty Goddess obstacle course. I really wouldn’t have dared to do these things before. They say the workouts don’t get any easier you just get stronger, of this I’m convinced and I’m hooked!” – Ann S.