Robin O.

“I am so thankful for Texas Fit Chicks and my trainer Shelly Sanchez. I’ve been with Fit Chicks in Flower Mound for about ten months and I just love it! I never thought I’d be THAT person who looks forward to going to a workout, but I have made it part of my routine and try to never miss. Even my friends and family know that on Mon/Wed/Fri, I am not available until after class. I have a phobia to gyms, so when I found TFC, I had to give it a try. I was immediately hooked. What’s not to like? Doing ever changing workouts outside, building relationships, and getting stronger every day. Shelly is an amazing trainer being so positive and constantly encouraging us. (She even brings a cooler with ice cold towels.) Texas Fit Chicks Is life changing!!” – Robin O.